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Take the pain out of marketing communications
Connelly Communications provides the full spectrum of marketing communications consulting services—from strategic planning and counsel to pain-free tactical execution of your program.

We can work with your internal resources, or we can create and manage teams from our extensive network of consultants who have the expertise and a passion for excellence that ensures the success of every program.

We bring creativity and a fresh perspective to each engagement, and we believe it's important to provide breakthrough thinking to make each program effective.

However, strong strategic thinking is only part of the solution. We know that the success of a program also hinges on the attention to detail.

Too much to do?  Not enough time and resources to do it?
  • How do you increase demand for your products and generate revenue swiftly?
  • What can you do when you've lost personnel and you're overloaded with programs that require immediate attention?
  • What if you need a fast start for a new company, product, or initiative, but you lack the in-house expertise or the time to ramp up your team's skills?
  • How will you build strong marketing communications for your startup when you're already spending all of your time creating and managing your new business?
  • You finally receive new headcount for your department. To whom can you turn to manage programs while you look for the right personnel to fill the positions?

Moving at nearly unbearable speeds, the pace of business today is pushing many to the limits of performance and endurance.

How do you meet these demands?

The answer is Connelly Communications.